Best Goldfish Tank Review with Advanced Buying Guide

There is no doubt that goldfish are one of the most popular options for a fish keeper. The statement is even truer for a beginner fish keeper.

But things can be very confusing for the newbies. The goldfish market is quite saturated. There are thousands of products to choose from. So, how can you choose the best goldfish tank?

Well, I have undergone the research for you, and today I will discuss the 5 best goldfish tanks for you. Additionally, I have added a buying guide section and a FAQ section.

Product Name

Aquarium Size

​Glass vs. Acrylic



SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set

​15 – 50 Gallons​Acrylic  

Tetra 20 Gallon Complete Aquarium Kit

​20 Gallons​Glass  

Marina LED Aquarium Kit

​5 – 20 Gallons​​Glass  

Tetra 55 Gallon Aquarium Kit

​55 Gallons​​Glass  

Fluval Premium Bow Front Aquarium Kit

​45 Gallons​​Glass  

Top 5 Best Goldfish Aquarium of 2019

SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium is the definition of the superior build. Even other acrylic tanks can’t offer such durability. The tank comes with a reflector and a light fixture. So, that’s one less thing to worry about.

Unlike cheap acrylic tanks, it will not turn yellowish after a while. That means you can enjoy every positive side of the acrylic tank but forget the negative ones.

For the picky buyers, SeaClear is offering nine different versions of the tank. These are hexagon, rectangular, flat back, and bow front designs.

Notable Features

​- The Combo pack includes the fish tank, a reflector, and a light fixture

​- Acrylic made – 17x stronger and a half in weight compared to a glass tank

​- Superior build quality ensures impact resistance and protection against cracking

​- Suitable for both salt and freshwater fish

​- Nine variations available – from 15 gallons to 50 gallons


  • ​Robust and durable
  • ​Weighs less
  • ​Lasts long – lifetime warranty
  • ​Great looks
  • ​Rounded corners ensure better safety


  • ​Hardy plant, so you must keep its growth in check if you don’t want it getting too big.
  • ​The hood seems flimsy
  • ​Top opening is quite small

2. Tetra 20 Gallon Complete Aquarium Kit – The Best Goldfish Tank for Beginner/Starter

A new fish keeper often feels overwhelmed seeing the equipment list to set up an aquarium. Well, you can say goodbye to all the worries by getting the Tetra Complete Aquarium Kit.

This Kit includes:

  • – A 20-gallon aquarium
  • – An aquarium hood
  • – A UL heater
  • – A Tetra Whisper filter
  • – Color changing LED panel
  • – Two Wonderland plants
  • – An Anemone

What more do you need to set up the aquarium? This undoubtedly the best 20-gallon goldfish tank.

Notable Features

​- Creates a natural habitat for your goldfish with the plants and the anemone flower

Glass made aquarium offers you the authentic feel

Easy to install – you will have to follow the 4-step installation guide

Comes with seven essential equipment to get you started

The 20-gallon tank is perfect for a single goldfish


  • ​Has every single equipment for the aquarium start-up
  • ​Superior build quality
  • ​Easier maintenance
  • ​Creates a sweet living environment for the goldfish
  • ​Suitable for a single fish


  • ​Glass made – prone to damage and cracking
  • ​Can house only one fish

3. Marina LED Aquarium Kit – The Best Budget/Cheap Goldfish Tank

Marina presents you with this masterpiece for those of you who are looking for a budget option!

Just like the previous one, Marina LED Aquarium Kit is also a complete kit comprising of different equipment. Here is the equipment list –

  • – A 5/10/20 gallon aquarium
  • – A clip-on filter
  • – Few filter cartridges
  • – A Top canopy hood with LED light setup
  • – Water conditioner
  • – Fish food
  • – An aquarium friendly fishnet
  • – Natural biological supplements

So, you see, Marina is offering more functional equipment with the kit compared to the Tetra’s one. However, if you are willing to get this one for your fish, definitely go for the 20-gallon variant. Otherwise, you can’t house even a single goldfish.

Notable Features

​- The kit comes with eight essential aquarium equipment

Glass made authentic aquarium setup

Newbie friendly start-up kit

Has three different size variants – 5, 10, and 20 gallons


  • ​Perfect starter kit
  • ​All the additional equipment has superior quality
  • ​Budget-friendly
  • ​Robust and sturdy despite being a glass made aquarium


  • ​There is no hinged lid making the feeding process a hassle
  • ​No option to move to the filter from the assigned spot

    4. Tetra 55 Gallon Aquarium Kit – The Best Goldfish Tank For 2-3 Fish

Till now, I have been talking about smaller fish tanks only, suitable for only one goldfish. What if you are looking for a bigger tank where you can house 2 to 3 goldfish or a single comet goldfish?

Tetra has brought a bigger aquarium for you guys with 55-gallon capacity. If you are looking for a 50-gallon fish tank, look no further!

What comes with the kit?

  • 1. The whooping 55-gallon tank
  • 2. TetraMin fish flakes
  • 3. AquaSafe water conditioner
  • 4. One 6″ fishnet
  • 5. A 200W water heater
  • 6. A superior quality water filter (WPF 60)
  • 7. One digital thermometer that you can stick to the tank wall
  • 8. Two hinged hoods
  • 9. Complete LED light setup
  • 10. Plant multipacks and boxwood plants for decoration
  • 11. The Advanced TetraCare program brochure

Now tell me? Do you need anything else apart from the list above for your aquarium? I don’t think so!

The only downside that I can think of is the price. Some might feel that the product to be a bit expensive. But you must understand that you are getting everything you need with this package.

Notable Features

​- The kit contains 11 equipment – there is nothing you will have to buy separately

– You can customize the aquarium according to your taste with the decorations

– Very sturdy build – can withstand a few accidental bumps

– Classic rectangular design

– Glass made design


  • ​Classic look with a robust body
  • ​Superior goldfish tank with filter and light setup
  • ​Noiseless operation
  • ​Tons of item with the tank
  • ​Premium quality


  • ​You will have to buy a separate cover

5. Fluval Premium Bow Front Aquarium Kit – The Best-Looking Goldfish Tank

If it were a product review based on only on the looks, Fluval Premium Bow Front would have stood in the first place. This tank is visually stunning as the bow front curved finish adds an aesthetic appeal.

The 45-gallon capacity is perfect to house 2-3 goldfish in it.

You will get a 1470 lumens LED light that can easily mimic a daylight scenario.

Moreover, you are getting the Fluval C4 power filter – one of the finest ones in the market that has five-stage filtration. You will be getting a submersible M heater too.

Additionally, you will get –

  • – Fluval water treatments (conditioner)
  • – Protein-based food
  • – A fishnet
  • – ​Thermometer

Notable Features

​- Comes with seven pieces of equipment with the finest quality LED light setup, a submersible heater, and C4 power filter

– European build – offers superior build quality

– Strong glass-made design that incorporates shock resistance

– Visually beautiful


  • ​Robust build quality despite being a glass aquarium
  • ​Comes with all the essential equipment
  • ​Beautiful curved design
  • ​Large enough to house 2-3 goldfish


  • ​Expensive

Buying ​Guide

Goldfish Tank Size

The first thing that you should think about while selecting a goldfish tank is the size. The size of the tank directly influences the growth and the well-being of your fish.

That being said, the minimum size of the goldfish tank should contain 15 to 20 gallons of water.

Some of the fish keepers make the common mistake of keeping a goldfish in a bowl. This a huge mistake as a smaller tank or a bowl will surely hinder the natural growth of a goldfish.

A goldfish has a typical lifespan of 20 years. Moreover, they grow faster than most of the similar fish. A fully-grown goldfish might reach up to 10 inches in size. If you keep such a fish in a small tank or bowl, it will definitely feel suffocated.

So, you should give ample space for your fish to roam and grow comfortably.

There is another strong reason behind choosing a larger tank – temperature sensitivity. Goldfish are very sensitive towards temperature change. While you are changing the water regularly of a smaller tank, the temperature will drastically change every time.

On the other hand, such an issue is not seen in the case of a bigger tank. If you are planning not to change the water frequently, you will be making a grave mistake.

Goldfish leave a huge amount of waste into the water. Naturally, the water in a smaller tank will become dirty more quickly compared to a big tank.

Moreover, a large tank is always easier to maintain and clean.

What Is the Best Size of a Goldfish Tank?

The general rule of thumb is giving at least 10-gallons of water per goldfish.

For example, if you are planning to keep five fish in a tank, your tank should be at least 50 gallons in size.

The initial size should start from 20-gallons as you should be keeping two fish in the bowl.

Which is the Better Tank Material – Acrylic or Glass?

You can find two popular options in the market – acrylic, and glass. Some manufacturers use plastics, which I would suggest you avoid due to environmental issues and health hazards.

Both the glass and the acrylic tanks have advantages and disadvantages.

​Let me discuss the pros and cons of both the variants so that you can choose smartly.

​  – Acrylic Tanks: Light and Durable

Acrylic tanks are more modern. They tend to mimic the aesthetics of the glass while removing the common disadvantages of the glass tanks.

First of all, the acrylic tanks are shatter-proof and will not crack like glass under small collisions. Durability is the biggest advantage of this type of tank. So, you can move this tank around your house without stressing out every time.

If you have children running around in your home, go for an acrylic tank. It would save you from nasty accidents.

Acrylic is much lighter than glass. So, you can carry it around without another pair of helping hands. Acrylic also bonds better, so you will not have to suffer from corner leaking issues.

Then comes the factor of heat retention. These tanks can retain heat much better than the glass tanks. As goldfish are very temperature sensitive, acrylic offers a smart solution to this particular problem.

However, there is some serious negative side of these tanks too.

​Acrylic has more plasticity – so it is more susceptible to bending. Eventually, your acrylic tank will bend. Furthermore, acrylic tanks will lose the crystal-like clarity. If you keep the tank exposed to sunlight during the daytime, it will become yellowish soon.

– Glass Tanks: The Genuine and Traditional Choice

If you look closely, an acrylic tank tries to act like a glass tank while offering some benefits. So, the glass tank is a natural choice.

Yes, a glass tank is heavy and brittle that can break quite easily. But your tank will not become yellowish over time. You will get flawless clarity even after years of use.

So, now the final choice is up to you. Do you want durability and better maintenance? Go for the acrylic tanks.

If you are looking for authenticity, the glass tanks are the obvious choice.

Quality vs. Price Dilemma

This is the common buying consideration for every single commodity in our lives. If you are planning to get the best goldfish tank, you will have to spend more.

A cheap product will always give you a cheap service in return!

However, you should always go for the value option. Always do the value calculation. Ask yourself – does this product meet my expectations and worth the price tag?

However, spending a bit more to get a better quality should be your target. Remember, you would be using a tank for about twenty years. So, consider it an investment. An expensive yet quality product should give you a good ROI over the years of service.

​The Goldfish Tank FAQ

What Equipment Do You need for Goldfish Tank?

A fish tank is only one of the basic things you need for your goldfish to thrive. There are undoubtedly other components you will need to make a suitable habitat for your beloved goldfish.

Here’s the complete list –

  • 1. Filters

A filter is the most important equipment that you must buy after the tank. A filter will enhance the quality of the water and get rid of all the solid wastes and toxins from the water.

A goldfish tends to produce a huge amount of waste and generally a messy fish. Unless you use a filter, the water condition will quickly deteriorate and become inhabitable for the fish.

There are different types of filters that you can get for your tank.

Which type should you choose? It depends on the tank size, fish type, and the number of fish living in the tank.

Whichever filter type you choose, make sure it offers the three-stage filtration process. They are chemical, mechanical, and biological filtration.

​2. Tank Heaters

As I have said earlier, goldfish are very sensitive to temperature. So, the second thing that you will need is a water tank heater.

It will maintain a constant temperature point for your goldfish to thrive. A variable temperature will stress your fish and might even make them sick!

​3. Lights

Lights aren’t a must option for a goldfish for living. Still, a bright environment is suitable for their health.

But that’s not why you should install lights in your tank. The lights are essential for the plants and green elements of your fish tank.

​4. Water Conditioners

The common tap water that we typically use in our fish tanks contains a high concentration of chlorine, chloramines, and ammonia.

Moreover, any fish tank will fall victim to the vicious nitrogen cycle, and the water will eventually be contaminated with nitrites and nitrates.

Of course, changing water periodically is mandatory, but using a good water conditioner can save you from a lot of hassles.

A water conditioner can be any kind of liquid that improves the quality of the water suitable for the aquarium fish. Some even call them dechlorinators.

I would recommend you to use such water conditioners for your goldfish fish tank. This will work alongside your water filter for better filtration. You will not have to be constantly live in fear of the harmful toxins killing your goldfish off.

​5. Sand

​Sans is not another mandatory add-on for your aquarium as it doesn’t do any functional benefit in your fish tank. However, some prefer having them in the tank for aesthetic purposes.

  • 6. A Fish Net

It is one of the basic equipment that you should have for your fish tank. A fish tank serves a lot of purposes.

You can easily scoop them up from the tank and make necessary changes in the tank. For example, you will need such a net while you are planning to clean the tank.

It can also help you while you try to feed your fish or changing the water of the tank.

​7. Gravel Siphon

It is another great cleaning tool for your tank. A gravel siphon is a specially shaped tube that you can use to collect the debris and dirt in the gravel layer.

You will not need a gravel siphon if you have a good water filter that offers mechanical filtration. But if you still see a lot of debris in the tank, you should get one for yourself.

​8. Thermometer

​For a goldfish keeper, it’s a must to have a thermometer. Goldfish are extremely sensitive to temperature. Having a thermometer will let you monitor the water temperature constantly.

​9. Fish Food

​This element is pretty self-explanatory. You need to have nutritious and healthy fish food for your goldfish. Otherwise, you will see them suffering or living under stress.

How to Set Up a New and Proper Goldfish Tank?

You can be and maybe should be creative while setting up the goldfish tank. You can add the ornamental elements of your choice and give the tank your desired look.

However, there are some basic things that you need to check to make the fish tank a suitable habitat for your pet. If you are completely new to the fish keeping scenario, you can try following the step-by-step best goldfish tank setup guideline below –

Step 1: Get a Tank Suitable for Goldfish

Newbies often make the mistake of ignoring the shape and type of the tank while choosing one.

You should be picking one tank isn’t too shallow and can hold at least 20-gallons of water (for up to 2 goldfish). It’s better to choose a rectangular tank; it has the highest surface area.

Step 2: Install a Filter

The second step is to get a good filter. You should aim at having a filter offering mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration.

Different filters coming from different brands have a unique installation process. Always follow the instructions suggested by the manufacturers.

While you are choosing the filter, you should check the flow rate of the filter. The flow rate should be 5x times the total volume of water in the tank.

For example, if your tank can hold 20 gallons of water, the flow rate of the filter should be 100-gallons per hour.

Step 3: Adding the Gravel Layer

In this stage, you should add the gravels at the bottom of the tank. I would suggest you add medium-sized gravels as goldfish might eat the smaller ones. This could lead to some nasty scenarios, and you fish die too!

You must clean them off with water to the point of having no dirt on these rocks. The gravel layer shouldn’t be thicker than 3-inches.

Now you should add some water to damp the layer to create a suitable formation.

Step 4: Be Creative, Add Decorations

This is the phase where you unleash your inner artist! You can add chunks of rocks, wooden logs, desirable plants, etc. Just make sure that the elements don’t provoke different bacteria to grow in the tank.

You should try to mimic a natural underwater environment that your goldfish can call home.

Step 5: Add Water

Now, you will add the tap water. You shouldn’t worry too much as long as you are pouring visibly clean water in the tank.

The filter and the water conditioner will take care of the harmful elements in the water. Some make the mistake of adding boiled water, thinking it would be cleaner. Don’t make such a silly mistake!

Just go for the normal tap water.

Step 6: Add Water Conditioner and Turn on the Filter

In this stage, you will set the water quality properly for your fish. First, add the water conditioner. Follow the instruction mentioned in the label.

Then, turn on the filter to enable the total filtration process. You should keep the tank as it is for the next 24 to 36 hours. The water should stabilize with all the harmful elements gone from the tank.

To be on the safer side, you can wait three days before move on to the next stage.

Step 7: Setting the Temperature

The fish tank is almost ready for the fish. You will have to perform one last thing before you can add the goldfish in the tank – set the temperature.

First of all, you will check the temperature with a thermometer. Whatever the temperature is, you will try to set the temperature around 70 to 74°F.

You should use a water heater to adjust the temperature. After setting the temperature, make sure that the temperature is constant. Fluctuating temperature is very harmful to your fish.

Step 8: Release the Fish in the Tank

Now, you are ready to release the goldfish in the tank. You should use a polybag and keep the fish in the bag. Then, place the bag in the water surface of the tank. After a while, the temperature of the water in the bag will sync with the tank water.

Once both the temperatures sync together, release the fish in the tank.

You might be wondering, “How long before I can put goldfish in my tank?”

Well, I hope you found the answer!

How Many Goldfish Can Be Kept in A 10 Gallon Tank?

Well, you shouldn’t keep even a single goldfish in a 10-gallon tank! The minimum tank size should be 20 gallons.

You will need an additional 10 gallons of water every single fish. But you will need 20 gallons for the first one.

You could place two goldfish in a 20-gallon tank, but you shouldn’t cluster them in such a way.

What is the Ideal Comet Goldfish Tank Size?

The Comet Goldfish tend to be bigger than the general variety. So, they need more water to thrive and live happily.

You will need at least a 50-gallon fish tank for a single comet goldfish. If you are planning to keep a pair, you can get a 75-gallon tank.

How to Clean a Goldfish Tank? The Detailed Maintenance Guide

The key to keeping your goldfish tank clean lies with punctuality and regularity. If you skip the cleaning activities, the fish tank will soon turn into a grave for the fish!

The cleaning activities can be divided into three categories –

– Daily

– Weekly

– Monthly

Here is the detailed idea –

Daily Activities :
  • – Follow the diet chart for your goldfish and feed daily
  • – Monitor the water temperature
  • – Monitor the health of the fish
  • – Remove the uneaten food debris
Weekly Activities :
  • – Change 25% of the water from the tank
  • – Check for algae outbreak and remove you notice the symptoms
  • – Use the gravel siphon to clean the gravel
  • – Clean the outer surface of the tank
  • – Make sure that every equipment is working properly
​Monthly Activities :
  • – Change 50% of the water from the tank
  • – Trim off the plants in the tank
  • – Check for the signs of toxins (ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, etc.) in the water
  • – Check the pH level of the water
  • – Change the filtration media of the filter (if necessary)


We are in the finishing section of today’s product roundup with the essential guide. Considering all the facts, the number one spot goes to SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set. The sheer robustness of this tank makes things easier.

The runner-up would be Tetra 20 Gallon Complete Aquarium Kit. This aquarium might be small, but it can easily house a single goldfish. A perfect choice for a beginner.

The third-place goes to Marina LED Aquarium Kit for offering tons of elements at a staggeringly low price.

So, which one was your favorite tank?


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