Complete Guide on How to Choose the Best Automatic Fish Feeder That Will Make Your Job Much Easier

Since you decided to keep fish in your house as a hobby, you have to be aware that it can take quite a bit of your time to take care of them properly. Sometimes, we just don’t have enough time to spare, which does not necessarily mean that you cannot keep fish. Many things can help you with that, such as choosing the best automatic fish feeder.

Product Name

Quantity Controller

Ventilation System



​Eheim Automatic Feeding Unit

8 times per day



Torlam Auto Fish Feeder

​​​4 times per day

​​Moisture Proof


Zarco Aytinatuc Fusg Feeder

​​​​4 times per day



​Uniwood Automatic Fish Feeder

​​​​4 times per day

Moisture resistant hopper


Fish Mate F14

​​​​4 times per day



​Proche Automatic Fish Feeder

​​​​4 times per day



​Wieppo Automatic Fish feeder

​​​​4 times per day



Do I Need an Automatic Fish Feeder?

Well, it is not necessary if you can keep up with the fishkeeping daily food routines. The automatic fish feeder is excellent if you are not in the house most of the day, or you are traveling for a couple of days away from home.

Advantages of Automatic fish feeder

–  Feed your fish always on time and the right amount which avoids overfeeding;

– ​ The food cannot interfere with the water chemistry since it is released in small quantities at regular intervals;

– ​ You can take a vacation away from home;

–  Your fish are safe from being fed by harmful food by other people;

–  You would not have to ask someone to take care of your fish once you are away

Disadvantages of Automatic fish feeder

–  Will require spending a bit more money on your fishkeeping hobby;

–  ​You can choose low-quality equipment that can harm the fish by releasing food in larger quantities;

–  ​Your fish can be seriously harmed or killed if malfunction appears;

–  ​The food can get clumped if moisture goes in the dispenser;

Since we know what we are dealing with, let’s jump to the product review and see which the best automatic fish feeder on the market is.

Best Automatic Fish Feeder

Eheim Automatic Fish Feeder (Best Automatic Fish Feeder)

This is one of the best automatic fish feeders on the market, and there is a good reason for that. It has a digital LCD screen, which will allow you to set up to 8 automatic feeds per day. It also has a ventilation system with an integrated fan, adjustable slider to find the ideal position on your aquarium, and splash-proof buttons.

You mustn’t overfeed your fish, which is why this automatic feeder has so many feeds per day where you can feed your fish small quantities.

Eheim is considered as the best vacation fish feeder since it has a big enough storage for food that can last for up to 6 weeks with its 100ml (3.3 fl. Ounces) volume container. The drum is also transparent, which is perfect for seeing how much food you have left. It also has a low battery indicator, which will inform you when your batteries are running low.

You have to be careful when you are buying your automatic fish feeder just because of you a lot on your hand. Eheim is the best holiday fish feeder with great built quality and a fantastic 3-year guarantee.


  • ​Trustworthy brand
  • ​3 Year guarantee
  • ​User-Friendly with digital LCD screen
  • ​Very simple setup


  • ​You can use only one food at a time
  • ​The price is quite steep
  • ​The feeding hole is not secured properly
  • ​Not Moisture Resistant

Torlam Auto Fish Feeder (Best Moisture Resistant Capabilities)

As we mentioned earlier, sometimes it is hard to remember when to feed your fish, especially for beginners, and things will get even harder when you are on vacation. This is where Torlam Auto Fish Feeder comes to save the day.

This product is equipped with AquaBlue timer that is very precise, and you can easily set up four feedings per day automatically. Torlam is programmable, so you don’t have to use all four feedings, you can adjust it for how many feedings your fish require per day. Also, you can double or triple the food quantity if needed.

The only issue that this product has is that the food that is dispensed might vary, which can be a problem for overfeeding your fish, but it is not by a large quantity.

One of the great features that this product has is manual feeding. This is kind of absurd when you are buying an automatic fish feeder, but when you are at home, you can still enjoy the act of feeding your fish yourself.

The installation is pretty straightforward with two installation methods. You can either fix your feeder to the wall of your tank using the holder that comes with it or use double-sided tape to stick it to the aquarium.

The biggest issue that automatic fish feeders have is when the food gets moisturized. This is not the case with Torlam since it has a moisture-resistant hopper that will make sure your food always stays dry. This means that you can use any food you prefer, such as pellets, strips, flakes, or crisps.


  • ​Moisture resistant hopper
  • ​Easy Setup
  • ​Large capacity for food
  • ​Programmable up to four dispenses per day


  • ​The amount of food dispensed can vary
  • ​Instructions can be confusing

Zacro Automatic Rechargeable Timer Fish Feeder (Best Feature​​​​s)

As we know, giving your fish to someone else to take care of them once you are on vacation might be a problem since there are many requirements and regulations to keep them healthy. The problem is easily fixable by buying an Automatic fish feeder. Where most of the automatic fish feeders run on battery, Zacro is a rechargeable unit that can draw power from the USB port.

This means that you don’t have to worry about batteries running out while you are on vacation and enjoy the energy efficiency from Zacro automatic fish feeder. Obviously, this product was designed to work for a long time since it has very high built quality standards. It features lithium battery, which means that it can be charged/discharged up to 800 times, all depending on the feedings you set.

Just because it uses such low energy, it can go up to six months on a single battery charged. This means that this automatic fish feeder will last your whole lifetime.

The hopper (feeding bucket) is also designed to store large quantities of food, which makes this product perfect for an extended vacation. The hopper can hold up to 200ml, which translated into fish food is a lot (up to 12 weeks). No matter what type of food you put in, you will not encounter any issues.

Zacro Automatic fish feeder can be set to dispense four feedings per day and to control the quantity. You can set up to dispense food up to three times for each feeding. Noticeably, this product has an intelligent set-it-and-forget-it design, which is perfect for people who do not have enough time to take care of their fish.


  • ​Six month’s feeding on a single charge
  • ​Large volume hopper
  • ​Intelligent design
  • ​Two power supply options


  • ​Can dispense too much food
  • ​Not recommended for smaller tanks (preferably 158-gallon tank)

Uniwood Digital Automatic Fish Feeder (Most Quiet)

This is a smart automatic fish feeder and quite stylish as well. Just because the device is quite large, it is capable of storing great amounts of food that can last you for months. This means that you will be much more comfortable going on a vacation.

The most important thing on an automatic fish feeder is reliability, and Uniwood Digital is a very reliable and on-time fish feeder. Just like most of the automatic feeders, you can program it for up to four feedings each day, but you can still choose preferable feedings each day, depending on your fish.

Another great thing about Uniwood Digital is that the design of the products prevents moisture build-up so you can put any food you like and do not worry about getting clogged up.

Unlike most of the automatic fish feeders which produce strange noises when the food dispenser is activated, the Uniwood Digital automatic fish feeder is very quiet. It also uses low amounts of energy even though it has a great display where you can program it any way you want and check the battery level.

Jamming and unsuccessful food releases are somethings that will never occur with the Uniwood Digital, which means you can feel comfortable leaving your home.


  • ​Reliable
  • ​Moisture-resistant food storage
  • ​Energy-efficient
  • ​Quiet and stylish


  • ​Must remember to change batteries (no notification)
  • ​Round pebbles are much suitable than flakes

Fish Mate F14 Aquarium Fish Fee​​der (Best for Mixed Food)

When it comes to precision feeding, Fish Mate F14 beats all other automatic fish feeders. Why is it so precise? – Well, you can set different amounts of food and carefully decide the exact amount that is dispensed each time. This is very important in order to avoid overfeeding the fish, which can cause health problems.

Another great advantage of this product is that you can also combine different foods at the same time, which is great for providing all the necessary nutrients for your fish. You can do this only by filling up each of the 14 trays with the food that you prefer. When the feeding time comes, the entire tray gets dispensed into the tank.

Of course, no product is perfect, so the Fish Mate F14 has its downsides. Basically, this product can hold less food than previously mentioned, which is not practical if you want to take longer vacations. However, it is a good trade-off if you are up for accuracy and feeding your fish the right amount of food every time.

This is one of the best fish feeders for a tank with lid as it can be placed above the tank. Another issue with the Fish Mate F14 is that when the tray is dispensed into the aquarium, it allows quite a bit of moisture to go into the other trays of food since its downside is opening.

To get rid of all the moisture in the food, Fish Mate comes with a very smart design that will let you connect your air pump to the fish feeder. This will allow constant airflow over the food eliminating all the moisture.


  • ​You Can mix different foods
  • ​Dispenses precise amount of food
  • ​Good for large dried foods


  • ​Holds less food
  • ​Not good for betta pellets
  • ​Round pebbles are much better than flakes
  • ​Difficult to clean

Proche Digital Automa​​t​ic Fish Fe​​eder (Best Value)

This is one of the most common designs for an automatic fish feeder that comes with an LCD. It is powered by two AAA batteries, which are included in the box and since it does not use a lot of power, they can last up to three months.

Just like any rotating automatic fish feeder it is capable of storing a large amounts of food. Also, it is not limited to only one type. Although, you might encounter an issue by using large dried foods that might get stuck and not fall down into the tank.

With the use of the LCD and the few buttons, you can program the Prosche to feed your fish for up to four times per day, and it can do two rotations for each feed if you want a larger quantity. While you are home you can enjoy feeding your fish manually only by adjusting the lid over the tank and controlling the amount of food released.

Just like most of the automatic fish feeders, it has an easy setup and two different installation methods. You can either put it on the edge of your tank using the holder or use the double-sided tape to adhere it to the cover.

Unfortunately, it does not have a moisture-resistant hopper, which means that your food can absorb moisture and get stuck in the hopper. Cleaning any moisturized food is necessary to function properly.


  • ​Easy to install
  • ​Includes Batteries
  • ​Large hopper
  • ​Ideal for all types of food


  • ​Battery lid can open which means that it will stop functioning
  • ​Food can absorb moisture

Wieppo Au​​tomatic Fish Feeders for Aquarium (Budget Choice)

This is another automatic rotating fish feeder that might be the right choice for you. The rotating barrel will drop food into the tank whenever the timer is set. This means that you can even rotate the barrel yourself for manual feeding.

There are three different timer options 8, 12, or 24 hours, so this means that you cannot program this automatic feeder for a specific time. Since the barrel is rotating with an open lid, the food dispense is not that precise. It can be even more unpredictable if moisture gets into the container, which will make it stick to the walls.

The hopper is sizable so that you can store a lot of fish food in it. It can also accommodate different types of food, depending on your fish requirements.

The great thing is that it can be powered by batteries or via USB for more energy-efficient and reliable functioning. The setup is quite straightforward, and it can be secured on the top of the tank with multiple mounting options.


  • ​Available almost everywhere
  • ​Large hopper
  • ​Multiple mounting options


  • ​Not suitable for larger dried foods
  • ​Less precise feeding portions
  • ​Not good for mixed food
  • ​Only 3 different time settings

Buying Guide

To keep your fish healthy, you have to buy the necessary equipment. Automatic fish feeders are electronic devices that are designed to feed your fish while you are away automatically. They have a food container and timer, which can be programmed to defense food multiple times a day.

Even though all of this seems pretty straightforward, there are a lot of things you should know before choosing the best automatic fish feeder for your aquarium.

In the next part of the article, we will go through some of the things you should pay attention to before you buy one.


The size of your automatic fish feeder is essential. Basically, it is all about the size of the hopper. The hopper is the part that holds the food waiting for the timer to rotate it or open a lid in order to get dispensed into the tank.

Choosing the right size depends on your requirements. Some people want automatic fish feeders even when they are at home, which means that even a smaller size hopper will do the job.

Others are always on the move or like to take a vacation, which in this case they might need a bigger size food container just to provide the necessary food for the fish while they are gone.

The size of your hopper is also important for the type of food you choose. Depending on your fish, choosing the wrong size, the automatic fish feeder can turn out disastrous just because some of the food might not get out of the hopper.

You should also consider the amount of fish in your tank and whether or not the automatic fish feeder is capable of providing enough food for all fish. If you have a larger tank, it is best if you go for a larger feeder.

Battery Life

Even though you might think that the battery life of your automatic fish feeder is not something that has to be analyzed just because most of them can last long. However, the battery life of your automatic food feeder is the only thing keeping your fish alive while you are away, and you have to choose it carefully.

You should also be looking for auto feeders with low battery indicators just because it is easy to forget to replace the battery, which can end disastrously for your fish. Choosing an auto feeder with a longer battery life is worth the investment to avoid such problems happening in the future.

The best auto feeders are those who have LED displays, where you can read the battery level easily and replace it when needed. There are also products with an alarm bells that will notify you when the battery is low just for the people who like to be sure about their automatic fish feeder.

Time and Quantity Controller

This is another important thing to consider when buying your automatic fish feeder. Maintaining a stable diet is essential for keeping your fish healthy, especially for Betta fish, which can get overfed easily and have health issues.

A good supply of food many times per day is much better than feeding greater quantities of food at once. You have to be aware that fish have a rather sensitive digestive system, so feeding them the right amount is essential for good digestion.

This is why it is important to buy a reliable automatic fish feeder that is capable of dispensing the right portion of food and will allow you to monitor each feeding time.

Not all automatic feeders are precise with the portions, and depending on your fish, you have to choose the right one for you. Some fish can tolerate diet changes; others cannot.

You also have to pay attention to the timing settings of your auto feeder. Every device can be programmed differently so choosing the right one is entirely up to the diet you choose for your fish.

Feeding Frequency

 As we mentioned earlier, it is better to feed your fish more times per day rather than large amounts all at once. This means that you should pick the right automatic fish feeder that is capable of dispensing a portion of food in your tank frequently enough.

The size of the tank also plays a big role in choosing the frequency of your automatic fish feeder. Some of the devices can be programmed to dispense from two to four times per meal to release larger quantities. This is essential if you have plenty of fish in your aquarium, and you want to make sure that each and every one of them is fed properly.

Ventilation System

The ventilation system is a vital part of any automatic fish feeder just because it will make sure you fish food stays fresh all the time. Most of the automatic fish feeders do not have moisture-resistant hoppers, which means that over time moisture can get into your fish food and spoil it.

You have to consider the feeder capacity to manage dampness. If you are going to be away for a long time or you are constantly on the move, you should definitely choose an automatic fish feeder with a ventilation system.  Air circulation prevents this from happening and you can be sure that your fish feed is safe.

Frequently Asked Questions     

How long do automatic fish feeders last?

Since they are electronic devices placed over water, the lifespan of automatic fish feeders cannot be determined precisely. However, you should definitely go for the fish feeders of the highest quality to have a better built that will last forever.

Just because they are electronic devices, they need some sort of power to function. There are different types of automatic fish feeders in terms of power. Some of them have standard AAA batteries, which can last up to 6 months (depending on your feeding times per day) due to low power consumption and then easily get replaced for another 6 months.

Others are built with chargeable batteries that can last up to 6 months on a single charge, which is amazing. Most of them also have an additional USB port so that you can plug them into your PC and forget all about batteries.

Most of them will last longer than 2-3 years, depending on the maintenance. They have built-in the motor which rotates or opens the container with food. They can get clogged up due to moisture or fish food with time and start malfunctioning. At this time, it is probably a good idea to go for a new one rather than leave the faith of your fish into the untrusted devices.

How to set up an automatic fish feeder?          

Automatic fish feeders can be added right after you’ve set up your tank. The installation is very straightforward and requires no knowledge.

Once you decided the location for your automatic fish feeder, you will need to mount it. The location of your automatic fish feeder depends on the type you choose. You should select the position of your auto feeder before you buy it so that you’ll know what kind of mount you’ll need.

You must position your feeder in a way that there isn’t another object to interfere once the food is released.

They come with different mounts such as brackets for mount the feeder on the outside of your tank, others come with silicone cups to be placed on the inside of the aquarium, and others simply have double-sided tape to be slicked onto the wall.

Plug the power supply, which depending on the type, can be either batteries or a cord. And the next step is to fill it with food. Once you adjust the settings and set it up for your preferred feeding times, you are good to go.


These are some of the best automatic fish feeders on the market, and from our auto fish feeder review, we’ve found out that the best choice is the Eheim Automatic Fish Feeder. Clearly, it has all the necessary features that every automatic fish feeder needs to have and also has an outstanding build quality.

Manufacturers are constantly working on improving their products by infusing them with new technologies. There are also automatic voice-activated or wifi fish feeders that came out not too long ago, where you can adjust your feeding time all through your mobile.

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when you are looking to buy an automatic fish feeder. However, for those who simply do not have the time to take care of their fish properly, the automatic fish feeder is essential for maintaining a healthy diet for your fish.


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